Announcing Framework Tent: A Token-Gated Knowledge Base for the Framework Platform

At Framework Ventures, we understand the unique challenges that come with being a founder in the crypto industry. Many on our team were once founders themselves, and this collective experience has played a major role in shaping our mission, our focus, and our service offerings. Over the years, our track record of building, investing, and operating in the trenches alongside our founders, regardless of market ups and downs, has cemented our reputation as one of the few firms in the space with demonstrated expertise in meaningful post-investment support.

Today, Framework Ventures is formally announcing the launch of The Framework Tent, a token-gated knowledge base available only to founders in the Framework portfolio. In conjunction with the launch of the Framework Tent, Framework will mint nearly 100 NFTs for delivery to founders in our portfolio, giving them access to curated lists of recommended partners, service providers, original content, and shared knowledge from across the ecosystem. Eventually, we expect this portal to develop into a full-service platform that provides outsized value via interactive data, content, event calendars, and opportunities for partnership only available within the Framework family.

Framework Founder's Pass

Platform and the Framework Ethos

We see The Framework Tent as the next iteration of our expansive, pre-existing platform offering.

In a hyper competitive sector like crypto, platform, or post-investment support and services from VC firms and other investors, can make or break a project (especially during a bear market). In this respect, we believe Framework is a pioneer.

Back in 2019, Framework co-founders Michael Anderson and Vance Spencer publicized a thesis on “network capital” (Forbes): i.e, the idea that crypto-focused VC firms need to do more than just hold tokens; they must be “close to the metal”, supporting the networks in which they invest by directly building alongside founders, running key infrastructure, staking, and more.

Fast forward to 2022, and the Framework playbook has become the standard for VCs and investors across the crypto industry. With a full team of engineers, Framework is widely known across the crypto industry for its ability to support portfolio companies in ways that go far beyond investment alone.

Today, our firm runs critical DeFi infrastructure, including a Chainlink node that services over 200 price feeds, as well as one of the largest indexer nodes on the Graph. We help with smart contract security reviews, team assembly, recruiting and hiring, and leverage our expertise at the bleeding edge of the market to help founders build products and scale. As our co-founder Vance stated in a recent episode of Hidden Forces, “if you used crypto over the past few years, there’s a very strong chance that you’ve interacted with us on some level”.

As our firm crosses 100+ investments, we see the Framework Tent as the coalescence of much of the work we’ve already done into a user-friendly and easily scalable platform.

Framework Platform in Action

Platform, as a function, can differ substantially from firm to firm.

Some VCs offer little to no platform function. Others claim to have armies of employees (often lacking experience) seemingly ready to help with recruiting, branding, research and more.

By contrast, Framework offers an expansive platform that is run by a lean yet highly effective team of experienced OGs known for ruthlessly efficient execution. Our team of former founders and specialists are enmeshed with our portfolio companies post-investment, and are ready to help at critical junctures.

While we do sometimes write blogs and publish research, we focus primarily on behind-the-scenes deliverables that directly add value to portfolio companies, rather than churning out amorphous content that generates likes on Twitter but doesn’t materially help projects survive or prosper. We may not be known for our happy hours, but our team has a reputation for deep knowledge on the things that matter - business building, business development and user onboarding, tech, governance, tokenomics, and more. Some offerings include:

  • Running key infrastructure and providing DeFi services
  • Business development, network access, and introductions across our 100+ company portfolio
  • Smart contract security reviews and preferential access to audits by top firms
  • Product and go-to-market sessions with our DeFi, Ops, and technical experts
  • Consultation with our tokenomics team
  • Consultation with our in-house game design expert
  • Consultation with our Head of Comms and introductions with multiple PR/marketing/branding agencies
  • Founder retreats and event access

Additionally, we offer access to a top-notch collection of external partner agencies, carefully curated over multiple market cycles.

Stay Tuned

Following today’s launch, stay tuned for more information about the Framework Tent and our initiatives to help founders build and thrive in a bear market by following us on Twitter at @hiframework.

You can also follow me, Daniel Mason (@dgmason), Operating Partner and Head of Platform at Framework Ventures.

Before Framework, I founded two venture backed companies (Spring Labs & Elemetric), collectively raised $65+ million, hired 50 people, and sold products to massive institutions like American Express, GM Financial, SoFi, TransUnion, and more. I’ve overseen sales, fundraising, marketing, and product functions – and even coded a bit early in my career.  

I know firsthand of the challenges that come with being a founder, and I take great pride in my role leading our firm’s platform for the founders in which we invest and partner. Shoot me a DM anytime to learn more.

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